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Vent Your Anger

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Ok… Setelah lama ngga bikin post disini, akhirnya gw nulis juga post yg baru. Skrg gw lg kesel ama nyokap gw. Yg entah kenapa, selalu aja “menghina” gw. For one thing, it’s her natural behaviour. So, in a way I can handle it. But lately, I’m becoming more and more irritated with this behaviour of her. Come on, you now… I’m your son. Can’t you at least give me some respect?

Furthermore, I can’t understand why my father can tolerate my mother’s attitude. Probably because he is an kind person? I don’t know the reason. Anyway, my mother’s attitude towards me somehow affects me in a way. Kinda made me into an anti-social and obnoxious person. So, I want to apologize if there’s offence in the post.

Gah… There still some anger left in me that can’t be vented by words only. Probably, I’ll sleep early today or doing some meditation to get rid of this anger.


Written by dnxag4

August 5, 2008 at 3:49 pm

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